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Because of YOU…

We were able to record quality music for the film with The Mosier Brothers and a talented group of singers. With more financial support, we can complete the film and discover new traditions.


Kick-Off !

Thanks to Lips Atlanta and you, we celebrated a great kick-off. We’re almost at the finish line. Can you help us get there by donating today? Together, we can discover new traditions!
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Dear Friends,

Like in the film Fiddler On The Roof, we are confronted with a changing world that fights to hold “tradition” against the basic rights of our children – everyone needs love. While some promote fear and division, there is another less-heard side – a voice without shame, blame or guilt. In response, a collection of creatives joined the conversation with a story that needs to be told, by those who live it – a story about the essential call for love, tolerance and compassion, for all sides, as we move towards reconciliation.

Tradition the film is born by accomplished filmmakers, actors, vendors and artists donating their time and passion to art that heals. We’ve secured thousands of dollars of in-kind donations, endless enthusiasm and the project is well under way. With your help, Tradition will be brought to life. We ask for your financial support and that you actively reach out to others for their support as well. If everyone gets ten people to commit, Tradition will become the voice for this less-heard side to be understood. Our community can heal with your help.


The Filmmakers


Thanks to Supporting Businesses and Organizations like …

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