New Traditions

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How To Make a New Traditions* Video

Please submit only one video under five minutes in length.


  • Lighting and Sound are key

If we can’t see or hear you, we can’t post your video.

LIGHT: Be sure your face is well lit. Do not have a bright light, such as a window, behind you.

SOUND: Record your video in a quiet location and throw your voice to the microphone.

  • Turn Camera on its Side
    Turn your camera phone on its side for a landscape shot. Just like on your flat screen TV, we watch videos filmed and broadcast horizontally.
  • Head & Shoulders Frame
    Make sure your camera phone is steady and framed on your head and shoulders.
  • No Logos
    Please wear plain clothes without logos and don’t sit in front of other trademarked material.

Also, please don’t add our logo or other graphics to your video.

  • Speak From Your heart

Tell us about your struggles with old traditions and how important it is to create new traditions.



  • YouTube Account
    If you don’t yet have a YouTube Account, create one.
  • Title and tag your video

Once you upload your video to your YouTube account, you will need to title and tag it properly in order to be found easily.

TITLE: “New Traditions:” with your first name and location; example: “New Traditions: Jeff in Birmingham”. If there already is a video labeled “Jeff in Birmingham”, and you’re also a Jeff in Birmingham, you may need to label your video as “Jeff 2 in Birmingham”.
TAG: Use words and phrases to describe the uniqueness of your video; example: “Southern Baptist”.


Video Policy & Guidelines