The Film




Tradition is an entertaining and touching musical short film parody of Fiddler on the Roof, which explores the universal need for love. Rupert, a southern farmer played by Tony Award winner Shuler Hensley, struggles with the traditions of his community versus the love for his son, when he accidentally discovers his son is gay. In a nightmare, the townspeople transform, allowing Rupert to see the world through his son’s eyes and to understand his own fear. Throughout, Rupert struggles with his beliefs, his feelings about his son’s eventual banishment from the community and the need for unconditional love. What will he do?


The Impact


Our goal is to create an award winning short film that entertains and enlightens. The creative team embraces both a mutual love for Norman Jewison’s Fiddler On The Roof and the opportunity to modernize the story and explore how traditional values clash with a changing world. Tradition is made by southerners about life in the south, tearing down old stereotypes and creating a new voice based on tolerance and compassion. It doesn’t have a political agenda, but takes on all points of view, with the belief that everyone needs love and that sometimes it can be hard to get unconditionally. Besides raising consciousness, Tradition is pure entertainment, with fantastic musical numbers, award winning talent and a bluegrass soundtrack that promises to be enjoyed and shared by all. In the end, we hope Tradition will live on forever in the digital domain. We are developing it into a full-length feature film, which appreciates a true classic while giving it new life with an innovative point of view.


Because of YOU…

We were able to record quality music for the film with The Mosier Brothers and a talented group of singers. With more financial support, we can complete the film and discover new traditions.


Ways You Can Help

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